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What do you want from your bathroom?

  • A place of calm in which to unwind?
  • Somewhere simple & elegant?
  • The “Wow” factor?

Designing and delivering the perfect bathroom is as personal as tailoring a suit or haute-couture dress.

Simple and elegant design, incorporating glass and tiles to increase the appearance of size, can transform a small bathroom.

Clean lines and reflective surfaces really can elevate the status of a bathroom, and the creative use of glass can enable difficult spaces to be transformed into a functional showering area with that real “wow factor”.

We all judge a hotel on the quality of the bathroom: it’s the same for your home.

Artisan Associates can share your vision (and ours) to produce that superb bathroom.

Creating Exceptional Living Spaces

Artisan Associates have the skills & the imagination to transform your living space - that's what we do!
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